Can you help solve the mystery behind this photo?

Awahou North School children circa 1905.jpg

Can anyone help us track down the original print (or even better, the negative) of this photograph?

This is a scan of a scanned image (on an A4 sheet of paper) contained in a folder compiled several years back by Pohangina Valley local historian Jim Lundy, and held at Pohangina County Fayre.

The only information given about the photograph is that it is of “Awahou North School children, circa 1905”. The photographer is not identified, nor, sadly, is the source of the photograph. Our guess is that it was scanned from a physical photograph that someone in the Pohangina Valley provided to Jim Lundy for this purpose. Unfortunately, Jim has since passed away.

Wildbore Cover webThis is also the photograph which adorns the cover of Lois Hall’s Awahou School Centenary history 1894 –1994 (published 1995), though the date indicated there is 1890s.

If anyone knows the origin of this photograph, we would be delighted to hear from you! A complimentary copy of WILDBORE: A photographic legacy is the reward for anyone offering information leading to the whereabouts of this photograph.

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