envirohistory NZ is born again!

seedlingLong-time envirohistory NZ followers may remember that back in mid-2016, I decided to ‘retire’ envirohistory NZ and transition to a new website and blog with a slightly different focus (see envirohistory NZ lives on! (but somewhere else)).  Since then, I have only blogged intermittently on envirohistory NZ, to mark big happenings, like the release of books. This move coincided more or less with some big life changes (good ones, I hasten to add!) (see Life changes). Continue reading

envirohistory NZ: better and brighter (but without the ads)

Just like the Rimutaka Road from Wellington to the Wairarapa (pictured), we at envirohistory NZ are always looking for ways to improve ourselves.

The eagle-eyed among you may have spotted a couple of changes, but the other change involves something that you will not see. Continue reading

Happy 2nd birthday, envirohistory NZ!

envirohistory NZ turns two today, having been launched two years ago on 15 November 2009. In the last year it has doubled its hits, getting nearly 40,000 over the last 12 months, compared to 20,000 in its first 12 months of life. Just like a small child, it is growing and learning all the time.

A big THANK YOU to all our subscribers, regular visitors and occasional visitors. Without your visits, comments and feedback, this website would have no purpose. Please accept a virtual piece of birthday cake from the team at envirohistory NZ

envirohistory NZ podcast – episode 5 out now!

Episode 5 of the envirohistory NZ podcast series is now out. This episode explores the critical link between environmental history and the decisions we make about how we shape and live within the environment. To illustrate the importance of environmental history in helping to inform  environmental policy and planning decisions, this episode reflects on two recent natural disasters – the February 22nd Canterbury earthquake and the March 11 earthquake and tsunami in north-eastern Japan. Continue reading

Happy 1st birthday envirohistory NZ!

envirohistory NZ is turning one year old tomorrow, having been launched one year ago on 15 November 2009 (see our very first news item). Yesterday, it got an early birthday present, gaining its 20,000th hit. A big THANK YOU to all our subscribers, regular visitors and occasional visitors. Without your visits, comments and input, this website would have no purpose.

Remember too, that envirohistory NZ always welcomes your contributions or ideas! You can email them in by clicking on the envelope on the right-hand side of the homepage.

Top posts for the third quarter

This post reviews the top posts of the third quarter of 2010. Our favourite Californian again proves very popular, this quarter overtaking A tale of mining, which was very topical earlier in the year. The others in the top 5 traverse a diverse range of themes: Maori horticulture, a rare inner-city oasis of ancient forest, the surprisingly recent history of whaling in New Zealand, and eels – which have figured so large both in our streams, rivers and estuaries as well as our cultural history. Continue reading

Top search terms for envirohistory NZ

Search terms (the key words you put in Google or any other search engine to find information about a particular topic) are an important way for readers to find a particular website or web-based article. They tell you a lot about what readers of a website are interested in. And envirohistory NZ is no exception. We are really interested in what our readers are interested in!

So, what are the top search terms that brought internet users to envirohistory NZ? Continue reading

envirohistory NZ podcast now on iTunes!

All the episodes of the envirohistory NZ podcast are now on iTunes! To listen to them is super-easy: just click on the iTunes symbol in the right-hand sidebar and it will provide a list of all episodes. The iTunes page also provides listening suggestions for other environment or environmental history-related podscasts. You do not need iTunes to listen – they can be played using the web-base application. Happy listening!

Subscribing to envirohistory NZ

You can subscribe to envirohistory NZ, so that you are automatically emailed posts – either immediately or at a nominated frequency. Just click on Email subscription on the right-hand side of each page. You can also subscribe by RSS Feed. Thanks to the growing number of subscribers for your support.

envirohistory NZ hits 10,000!

Today, the day before World Environment Day, the envirohistory NZ website got its 10,000th hit. The website – the first of its kind in New Zealand – was launched on November 15 last year, and since then has received attention from over 60 countries around the world.

This is a good opportunity to say a big thank you to all our subscribers, visitors and contributors for your ongoing support.