envirohistory NZ podcast – episode 5 out now!

Episode 5 of the envirohistory NZ podcast series is now out. This episode explores the critical link between environmental history and the decisions we make about how we shape and live within the environment. To illustrate the importance of environmental history in helping to inform  environmental policy and planning decisions, this episode reflects on two recent natural disasters – the February 22nd Canterbury earthquake and the March 11 earthquake and tsunami in north-eastern Japan. Continue reading

envirohistory NZ podcast now on iTunes!

All the episodes of the envirohistory NZ podcast are now on iTunes! To listen to them is super-easy: just click on the iTunes symbol in the right-hand sidebar and it will provide a list of all episodes. The iTunes page also provides listening suggestions for other environment or environmental history-related podscasts. You do not need iTunes to listen – they can be played using the web-base application. Happy listening!

envirohistory NZ podcast – episode 4 out now!

Episode 4 of the envirohistory NZ podcast series is now out. This episode explores three environmental histories – which, while diverse in both their time-spans and their human protagonists, are all connected by a common theme. The first of these stories begins in the early 1800s, and features a Maori hapu and its relationship with its coastal Horowhenua environment [click here to read original post]. The next one, is of pioneering Scottish settlers in the 1840s, and their longsighted protection of a remnant of swamp forest in what was to become Christchurch [click here to read original post]. The third and final, more recent, story is of a dairy farmer and the indigenous forest remnant encompassed by his south Waikato farm [click here to read original post]. Continue reading

Landscape and identity in NZ

A new book called “Beyond the Scene: Landscape and Identity in Aotearoa New Zealand”, is made up of eleven essays by a diverse range of writers reflecting on a landscape that is important to them. The writers range from farmer, art historian, geographer, landscape architect, environmentalist and poet, among others. Continue reading

Mountains, bears and conservation in Japan and New Zealand

Mountains, bears and conservation in New Zealand and Japan are topics featured in an interview with envirohistory NZ founder, Catherine Knight on the latest episode of Exploring Environmental History.

From Exploring Environmental History: “On the podcast Cath briefly talks about the origins and topics of the blog before exploring her work on Japanese environmental history. Continue reading

envirohistory NZ podcast – episode 3 out now!

Episode 3 of the envirohistory NZ podcast series is now out. This episode explores three environmental histories – one local, one national and one international. The first story is of Wharemauku Stream, a small stream which runs through Kapiti, but which tells a story that extends beyond its geographical bounds. The second is former Green Party co-leader Jeanette Fitzsimons’ review of the last 35 years and what shifts she has observed in New Zealanders’ attitudes towards the environment. The third story is of Canadian forester – Leon MacIntosh Ellis, who immigrated to New Zealand to take up the first Director of Forests position in the new colony, and shape forestry in this country for years to come.

16 April 10   Episode 3 – Three environmental histories – local, national and international (12: 35 mins)

Music creditPolly’s song by Donnie Drost, available from CCmixter.

envirohistory NZ podcast – episode 2 out now!

Episode 2 of the envirohistory NZ podcast series is out now!   The envirohistory NZ podcasts are produced bi-monthly (or thereabouts) and are found on the Podcasts page. These podcasts will discuss themes explored in recent articles on the website and will also include interviews with people researching or “making” environmental history. They will be uploaded on to iTunes soon so that you can download on to your iPod or other Mp3 player for your listening convenience. We will let you know the details as soon as they are uploaded. In the mean time, click on the link below to have a listen to episode 2!

19 January 10 – Episode 2 – The top 10 posts of 2009– (12:11 mins)