Top posts for the third quarter

This post reviews the top posts of the third quarter of 2010. Our favourite Californian again proves very popular, this quarter overtaking A tale of mining, which was very topical earlier in the year. The others in the top 5 traverse a diverse range of themes: Maori horticulture, a rare inner-city oasis of ancient forest, the surprisingly recent history of whaling in New Zealand, and eels – which have figured so large both in our streams, rivers and estuaries as well as our cultural history.

1. Our favourite Californian – the history of the Radiata Pine forestry in NZ

2. The place of an echo: Pūtaringamotu (Deans Bush)

3. Maori gardening in pre-European NZ

4. Perano – the last whaling station in New Zealand

5. Eels and eeling in our environmental (and cultural) history

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