Bringing history alive – talk on 16th October

Crossing the Manawatu River by punt, Ashhurst

Crossing the Manawatu River by punt, Ashhurst, 1884. Photograph by G W Shailer. Palmerston North City Library.

I will be presenting a lunchtime talk on Friday 16th October at the Palmerston North City Library called Bringing history alive. I will be talking of my experience blogging about New Zealand’s environmental history – how I came to do it (this is quite an interesting story, and has to do with a certain expressway), and what I have gained from it.

It is more than a little ironic that this has come at a time when I have had a record period of dormancy on the blogging front. But this was not through a lack of desire – quite the opposite in fact. Indeed, I have been frenetically writing on two fronts: about New Zealand’s current environment on the one hand (all will be revealed on the 21st of this month!), and also on my next book on environmental history for which I now have a very real and imminent deadline.

Given that I also have a family, a household to run, a garden to weed, and a dog to walk (she would not let me forget that!), this has left me very limited time to blog. I am hoping this situation will rectify itself over the next few months, as I do find blogging about environmental history rewarding and invigorating, as I hope to convey in my talk on the 16th October.

4 thoughts on “Bringing history alive – talk on 16th October

  1. Only too aware of how difficult it is to keep all these different aspects of life progressing! – I sympathise. Good luck with the deadlines!

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