Environment & Nature in New Zealand: latest issue is out!

The latest issue of online journal Environment & Nature in New Zealand is out, and can be accessed here.


1-23    ARTICLE: Amy Davis, ‘”For Beauty and Health” Nature and the environment in suburban Karori, Wellington’

24-54    ARTICLE: Lily Lee and Ruth Lam, ‘陈达枝 Chan Dah Chee  (1851 -1930): Pioneer Chinese Market Gardener and Auckland Businessman’

55-58    BOOK REVIEW: David Young, on Tom Brooking & Eric Pawson’s ‘Seeds of Empire, the Environmental Transformation of New Zealand’

59-63    BOOK REVIEW: Ondine Godtschalk, on Gavin McLean and Tim Shoebridge’s ‘Quarantine! Protecting New Zealand at the Border’

64-72    BOOK REVIEW: Stuart Read, on Kristin Lammerting and Ferdinand Graf von Luckner’s ‘Inspirational Gardens of New Zealand’

73-76    CONFERENCE REVIEW: Ruth Morgan, ‘Nature, Empire and Power’ Conference, University of Waikato, 9-10 December 2010.

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