The waterfall of Waterfall Road & other treasures

Waterfall of Waterfall Road, Kapiti.
Waterfall of Waterfall Road, Kapiti.

Longtime envirohistory NZ followers might remember how my husband and I stumbled upon the international phenomenon of geocaching entirely by accident (see Hidden treasure at Otaki Gorge). Geocaching involves searching for caches that have been hidden by members of the worldwide geocaching community, using GPS coordinates and other clues.

Found it!
Found it!

It is a fun and physical way to spend time on a weekend, and a different way of experiencing the environment – one that stimulates curiosity and adventure in “children” of all ages.

Our family went one one such “treasure-hunt” last Sunday, and along the way discovered not only the cached “treasures” but also other hidden treasures in the countryside – ones that we would have been unlikely to have encountered otherwise. One of these was this waterfall, possibly the inspiration for the name of the road that runs beside it [map].

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