Japanese satoyama – a model for sustainability?

The United Nation’s 10th Conference of Parties to the Convention of Biological Diversity is due to be held in Japan in October, and the pictorial Kyoto Journal has issued a special biodiversity issue.*

In this special issue, Dr Catherine Knight, the convener of this website, explores the validity of the model of sustainable management, or satoyama, touted by Japanese officials and conference organisers in the lead-up to the conference.

Read or download the PDF version of the article here.

Catherine lived in Japan for 6 years. She earned her first degree there, and went on to complete a Masters and PhD which both explored aspects of Japan’s environmental history. Her doctoral thesis looked at the relationship between human beings and Asiatic black bears from prehistory through to today. Details of her theses and other publications can be found on the Publications page.

*The objective of Kyoto JournalPerspectives from Asia is to bring readers “thought-provoking writings and visual explorations that dispel stereotypical views of Asia, for a worldwide audience”. The title makes reference to the physical base of the journal – Kyoto, the historical capital of Japan.

See also: The role of semi-managed nature in supporting biodiversity

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