Enemies to acclimatisation

While on a hunt for early accounts of acclimatisation societies in New Zealand, I found this gem – a letter to the editor of the Otago Daily Times in 1867.

Enemies of AcclimatisationHow times have changed!

(And anyone know who a “Venator” is?)

4 thoughts on “Enemies to acclimatisation

  1. Yes, indeed. How the situation has changed! No “venator” in the Oxford but “venation” means the arrangement of veins on a leaf or on the wing of an insect. I wonder if, given that “-or” indicates the doer of an action, “venator” might mean the arranger or organiser of what needs to be done. Then there is “venter” (as in “speaker”) n. : a speaker who expresses or gives vent to a personal opinion or grievance

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