We want your contributions!

Everyone has environmental histories to share (for example, see The lawn mower Part 2 – an enduring relationship). These are stories about our interactions with the environment, and the realisations we make from these. For instance, older people in Kapiti have shared how they used to row boats down the Waikanae River as children (but how now, the water is reduced to a trickle for much of the year and any kind of boating activity would prove a challenge). Or, people may remember catching eels or freshwater crayfish in the creek down the back of the farm as a child — a much less common children’s pastime today…

One such story is the story of Totara Reserve (pictured) in the Pohangina Valley. Catherine Knight, the primary author of envirohistory nz, had vague memories of visiting this magical place as a young child, but didn’t know where it was or what exactly it was called. As an adult returning to the district, the author ‘rediscovered’ this place, recognising it from her childhood – but, with the knowledge that such substantial lowland forest remnants are now a rarity, the place has only become more special. This ‘rediscovery’ led the author to explore this reserve’s history, thus opening up a ‘window’ on the environmental history of the Manawatu. For more about this article seeĀ Publications page.

Please send in your stories about your interactions with New Zealand’s natural environment, and how these have changed over time – stories from older readers of childhood experiences of special places are particularly welcomed.

One thought on “We want your contributions!

  1. jim November 22, 2009 / 12:38 pm

    I’d like to see contributions of experiences in other parts of this world, where comparisons can be made with our home NZ environment.

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