What’s the best title? Please vote!

I am getting super-sophisticated now! I realised that there is a poll function in WordPress, and thought, what better opportunity to try it out! This should make it easy for everyone. And, it also allows you to give me your fantastic ideas. (Feel free to post your comments too.) Please see previous post What’s in a title? Your ideas please! for background.

Also see: A racy title is one thing, but what’s the book actually about? for a synopsis of the book.

Note that the following options are the title only; the subtitle will be “An Environmental History of the Manawatu”

One thought on “What’s the best title? Please vote!

  1. paulknight35 November 2, 2013 / 3:01 pm

    I’m sure the Moa’s Footprints option is the best for the project, but I wish that the Environment/Economy or the Sward options could be more important in people’s conscience and thinking.

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