Envirohistory NZ has its own podcast, produced quarterly (or thereabouts). These podcasts will discuss themes explored in recent articles on the website and will also include interviews with people researching or “making” environmental history:

4 April 11   Episode 5 – The deadly importance of environmental history (9: 03 mins)

Note that we are currently having problems getting the podcast to play with the WordPress audio player, but you can still listen to the podcast simply by clicking on the link above.

4 September 10   Episode 4 – Three eras, three landscapes, three legacies (12: 03 mins)

Music credit (musical interlude): Polly’s song by Donnie Drost, available from CCmixter.

16 April 10   Episode 3 – Three environmental histories – local, national and international (12: 35 mins)

Music credit:  Polly’s song by Donnie Drost, available from CCmixter.

19 January 10Episode 2 – The top 10 posts of 2009- (12:11 mins)

24 December 09Episode 1 – Introducing envirohistory NZ - (09:27 mins)

3 Responses to “Podcasts”

  1. Mette Says:


    I can’t hear the podcasts.
    Are there anywhere else where you can hear them?

    Best Regards

    1. Hi Mette – You are right! The site that hosts the podcast audio files has been updated, and the links to the files became broken. We have reinstated the link to podcast episode 4. We will reinstate the others shortly. Thanks for letting us know, and thanks for your interest. Cheers, envirohistory NZ.

  2. All links to podcasts have now been fixed. Thanks again for drawing this to our attention. Thanks, envirohistory NZ

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